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At SURGE Christian Academy, we believe that an effective curriculum MUST inspire students to become effective critical thinkers and foster the development of academic/social-emotional success.


SURGE Christian Academy educational philosophy instills in students intellectual, social, and emotional development as they emerge in becoming productive 21st century citizens. Our demographically diverse region provides a culturally-enhanced setting, one that can engage diverse ethnic, socioeconomic, and academic constituents.


SURGE Christian Academy focuses on the scope of teaching that is classically based. The heart of our classical education is the Liberal Arts curriculum. Generally, one who has had a Liberal (freeing) education was well grounded in all the disciplines of learning and therefore was able to lead and rule.


At SURGE Christian Academy, we celebrate all intellectual and creative levels of ability by introducing a proven educational model that integrates Socratic information processing and Aristotelian communication methods.


Other highlights of our educational model include:


  • the recruitment-training of highly qualified, motivated teachers and staff;

  • an appropriate dress code policy;

  • a personal fitness, strength and conditioning program;

  • athletic, art, and music programs;

  • a technology-enriched-integrated learning environment;

  • offering Spanish and Greek as compulsory language requirements that will provide our students with an advantage that is needed in our inter-connected world; and

  • introducing and exposing students to cultures assist with strengthening student performance in science, mathematics, vocabulary, arts, music and government.


As a result of these efforts, SURGE Christian Academy will always  continuously engage and motivate students to reach their full potential, to become good citizens & diplomatic leaders, and to yearn for life-long learning and enrichment. 


SURGE Christian Academy student specific goals are:


  1. acquire and apply knowledge and skills  from a challenging curriculum of both core and non-core subject areas

  2. study and process information effectively and think critically;

  3. show creativity, work cooperatively, be self-directed and reflective;

  4. understand and respect themselves, the diversity of the world, and the importance of service beyond oneself; and 

  5. quest for excellence by engaging in a rigorous academic program, one that will educate the mind,  heart,  body, and human spirit.


Our responsibility at SURGE Christian Academy is to motivate students to invest in their talents, energy, and enthusiasm in completing assignments in an exemplary manner. Continuous improvement, persistent innovation, positive response to change, interactive communication, and a commitment to ongoing  growth will be the catalyst for success among students and their families, educators, program designers, and administrators.


Curriculum based on content with student performance strategies nurtures high academic standards while also instilling intrinsic character education. English, Greek, Spanish, and technology integration across all subject area will assist students to broaden their personal and academic skills. Moreover, Christian, Socratic and Aristotelian principles are endorsed to help students think, reflect, plan, infer, interpret and apply knowledge acquired through application, discourse, experience, instruction, and research.                                              

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